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The "YouTube" for jobs & careers

career.world is a platform that is based exclusively and without exception on the transmission of employer and career information through videos. Regardless of whether it is about current job advertisements, a look behind the scenes of the employer or tips on the subject of applications and careers: the moving image is in the foreground.

The young generation of schoolchildren and students has fully internalized digital media consumption - especially as a result of Corona. Thanks to the influencers in particular, "youtubing" has become a popular pastime and your future employees have also learned to trust moving images more than the written word.

It is therefore all the more important to adapt to these changed user needs and changed media consumption. With this in mind, we developed the career.world platform. In its simplicity it is based on the YouTube user interface. But unlike on YouTube, career.world is only about one topic: career.

And it's about digital employer infotainment. This means:

  • Digital positioning: You can use career.world to position yourself as an attractive employer in the (global) target group of young people.
  • Seeing instead of reading: All information - from the job advertisement to a look at the development department, impressions from the board level to short reports from different departments - is published as vlogs, short videos, image sequences or moving image presentations.
  • Storytelling instead of a glossy brochure: Due to Corona, young people in particular lack practical experience and contacts with companies. What they therefore need is an unvarnished, authentic look inside the company. They need stories that appeal to them emotionally, pictures and quotes from people who create identification, experience reports from superiors with whom they want to work, impressions of professional fields for which they are currently studying or being trained. What they do not need are glossy brochures and exchangeable platitudes, which, by the way, they no longer trust.

This is how you can use career.world:

You can register as an employer at career.world. The portal is currently still in beta, i.e. it can be used free of charge until the end of March 2021. You can then choose between two paid subscriptions:


In the basic version you can:

  • Create your company profile
  • Upload unlimited videos
  • Set an unlimited number of events



In the premium version, in addition to the basic offers, you can:

  • Participate in the annual career.world online career fair
  • Get your own career.world subdomain: [name].career.world